[collectd] curl_jason plugin is not sending data to rabbitMQ server

Marc Fournier marc.fournier at camptocamp.com
Fri Feb 14 17:01:11 CET 2014

Excerpts from Mariano González's message of 2014-02-10 16:59:25 +0100:
> Hi Marc!
> Here's my request/answer using curl -v:
> $ curl -v -H "X-Auth-Token: my_token" https://rackspace_api.url/current |
> [...]
> > GET /v1.0/account_id/loadbalancers/lb_id/usage/current HTTP/1.1
> > User-Agent: curl/7.33.0
> > Host: rackspace_api.url
> > Accept: */*
> > X-Auth-Token: my_token

So here are the exact HTTP headers the curl CLI is sending to the server ^^

> But, I got a doubt in the next item, now I've this set up in collectd.conf
> <Plugin curl_json>
>   <URL "https://rackspace_api.url/usage/current">
>    Instance "Load_Balancer"
>     Header "X-Auth-Token: my_token"

And here is the only header we are sure collectd is sending ^^

My suggestion was to try to add the other headers to see if this can help.

My first bet would be on "Accept: */*". I had a similar problem in the past
with curl_json on a jetty-based service, but just guessing...

Hope this helps !


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