[collectd] Aggregating statsd metrics

David Blewett david at dawninglight.net
Wed Aug 27 04:58:51 CEST 2014

On Sat, Aug 16, 2014 at 11:31 AM, David Blewett <david at dawninglight.net>

> It seems there are 3 options for doing this:
> * Use a PreCache filter to strip off the hostname from all statsd plugin
> metric values
> * Run a single collectd instance after all others that uses the
> aggregation plugin to sum values from all statsd metrics
> * Run an additional collectd instance on each node with a blank Hostname
> value, purely for statsd

​So I've been trying to implement option 1, but have not had any luck. Here
is the config I am using:

<Chain "PreCache">
    <Match "regex">
      Plugin "^statsd$"
    <Target "set">
      Host "rf"

​However, it doesn't appear that the Host value is getting set to "rf".
I've tested by using the csv plugin to write to either stdout or a dir, but
the host is always the hostname of the system:

PUTVAL kell/statsd/derive-foo interval=10.000 1409108335.872:1

I'm trying to get the identifier to become rf/statsd/derive-foo , so that
multiple hosts values get input into a single time series in InfluxDB.​


David Blewett
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