[collectd] network-plugin: Restart required?

Jan Lühr ff at jluehr.de
Fri Apr 4 20:07:49 CEST 2014

Hello folks,

I've recently observed some situation in which data was not sent to a
host using the network plugin.

All / many of these situations have had in common, that
- the server was unreachable for some days (maybe: Since the moment
collectd was started initially)
- The server is running IPv6
- In many (all situations?) IPv6 was not routable for a certain period
(hours, days)
- The transfer was restored after restarting collectd on the client side.

The server is running collectd 5.1.0 (Debian) while the clients
(OpenWRT) are running different versions ( and

How can I make sure, that the data transfer is taking place directly
after the connectivity has recovered?


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