[collectd] long sleeps when using collectd and ntpd

Dave Cottlehuber dch at jsonified.com
Tue Sep 24 12:16:22 CEST 2013

On 24. September 2013 at 12:12:15, danta (mertelo1 at axsguard.net) wrote:
>Hi Dave,
>We see the problem on virtual machines, where the host machine has it's
>clock set to the local time. I realize this is a wrong setup but
>unfortunately we can't change the settings on the host machine. Also the
>host clock seems rather unstable, leading to large drifts if the ntpd
>server can't be reached for large periods of time.
>The long sleep problem also occurs if you correct your date to a date in
>the past.
>For the moment we patched the collectd code to exit if it detects a
>large time drift (a watchdog will then restart it), but I think this
>isn't a clean solution.
>Best regards,

Makes sense, OTOH I would imagine this would cause problems with lots of other things too.

>From twitter, serendipitiously:



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