[collectd] Plugin Exec generate no data

Frederic Daguenet daguenet at skygate.de
Wed Oct 23 07:53:39 CEST 2013

Hallo Dan,

> But what happens when you manually run the script as the user
> "collectduser" and default group "collectduser"?  If there are permission
> problems (e.g. collectduser isn't listed in sudoers) running under that user,
> which is how collectd will run the plugin, then it will naturally have
> problems.  Have you tried instrumenting your script with debug logging to see
> if it's called and what's going on?

i have tested the script with the user collectduser ("su collectduser"
and then start the script. The here printed output was the result.)

And when i started the collectd daemon, i can see the script also running
with "ps".

But logging from the script... i did not.



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