[collectd] Notification time gone wrong

Stephane D'Alu Stephane.DAlu at insa-lyon.fr
Tue Nov 12 17:50:04 CET 2013

When generating a notification (PUTNOTIF), with epoch timestamp, time
seems to be stuck around 1 seconde past 1970-01-01.

Any idea, on what is wrong?

I'm using collectd-5.4.0 and example from:

Generating notification
PUTNOTIF severity=warning time=1201094702 message="The roof is on fire!"
host=idees-noires plugin=sensors type=temperature type_instance=room

Log entry:
[1970-01-01 01:00:01] Notification: severity = WARNING, host =
idees-noires, plugin = sensors, type = temperature, type_instance =
room, message = The roof is on fire!

Notification event:
Severity: WARNING
Time: 1.119
Host: idees-noires
Plugin: sensors
Type: temperature
TypeInstance: room

The roof is on fire!

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