[collectd] Bundling plugins (e.g. Plugin:Redis)

Andrés J. Díaz ajdiaz at connectical.com
Tue Nov 12 12:41:33 CET 2013

Hi Otis,

The main problem with the redis problem, as they said, is the dependency
with credis library. When I create the first version of redis plugin, redis
was not too popular like today is, and there were no a lot of libraries to

I submit a couple of PR to switch the credis dependency to libhiredis one,
which is available in a lot of linux distributions (debian, ubuntu,
centos...). I hope that octo can merge the PR into the master branch.

The PR for use libhiredis is here:
And a bonus in my fork (branch hiredis):
you have a fully functional version of collectd 5.4 with libhiredis
(including also a custom query feature).


On 1 November 2013 21:11, Otis Gospodnetic <otis.gospodnetic at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to trace https://collectd.org/wiki/index.php/Plugin:Redis .
>  This plugin doesn't appear to be included in any Collectd package out
> there.  But some others, like mysql or ngingx, seem to be included.
> In case of https://collectd.org/wiki/index.php/Plugin:Redis - I
> actually don't even see where to go to get this plugin, if it's
> available somewhere else, where one would grab it and compile it on
> their own.
> How come some plugins are not included?
> Thanks,
> Otis
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