[collectd] Plugin memory: new options

Vedran Bartonicek vbartoni at gmail.com
Fri May 31 10:08:35 CEST 2013

It seemed useful if there would be an option to gather available memory in
more detail.
Like "free" column from "free -m " in row "-/+ buffers/cache"
So there could be an option like e.g. "ReportBuffersCache", which would put
to use gathering
of total used and total free memory.

Use case for that is that collectd would be able to fire a notification if
available memory is below some threshold.

There could also be another option like "ReportBuffersCachePercentage"
which would to the same as above but in percentages. The benefit for
percentages is in e.g. cluster machines, where machines might have
different RAM sizes, and is impractical to manually prepare thresholds for
each machine.

I think that I will probably need those things above in my project, so if
this looks reasonable, I could make a pull request.


I am not sure if some other plugin is available for this already, or there
is another way to do the same.
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