[collectd] collectd Digest, Vol 92, Issue 9

Sven Trenkel collectd at semidefinite.de
Thu May 16 17:23:44 CEST 2013

On 2013-05-12 14:20, kangqiang wrote:
> I'm really appreciate for your replying, it is helpful to me.
> Yes, I tried to import it in interactive interpreter, the
> backtrace just say "no module named collectd". I can import time, os,system module, and can print it well.
> hoping for your reply, thank you.

I'm really confused how this could happen, if there is any kind of error 
while initializing the collectd Python module then the entire Python 
plugin of collectd should refuse to continue and get unloaded by 
collectd so that it could never even launch the interactive interpreter.

So my only idea here would be:
1. Use the interactive mode in your config, as you have pasted it before.
2. Log all collectd messages to stdout
3. Do not load any other modules
4. Start collectd, try to import the module collectd
5. Past result here

The very short collectd config do do that looks something like this:

FQDNLookup   true
LoadPlugin logfile
<Plugin logfile>
         LogLevel info
         File STDOUT
         Timestamp true
<LoadPlugin python>
         Globals true
<Plugin python>
         ModulePath "/path/to/somewhere/"
         LogTraces true
         Interactive true

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