[collectd] Mysql plugin works very strange

Dan Fandrich dan at coneharvesters.com
Thu Mar 21 21:32:09 CET 2013

On Thu, Mar 21, 2013 at 02:48:35PM +0000, Benjamin Wang (gendwang) wrote:
>   When I setup collectd and mysql, there are 5 rrd files generated for
> mysql_commands as following:
> mysql_commands-admin_commands.rrd
> mysql_commands-select.rrd
> mysql_commands-show_databases.rrd
> mysql_commands-show_master_status.rrd
> mysql_commands-show_status.rrd
> Then I reboot the machine, two strange things happen:
> 1.      mysql_commands-show_master_status.rrd will not be updated
> 2.      There are 3 more rrd files generated(mysql_commands-change_db.rrd,
> mysql_commands-show_fields.rrd, mysql_commands-show_tables.rrd)

Are you sure that the same binary and same config files are being used in both
cases? Are you starting collectd manually in the first case and relying on
system startup scripts for the second?

>>> Dan

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