[collectd] Fwd: [5.1] Multiple mysql instances?

Jacek Osiecki vjosh at silvercube.pl
Mon Mar 18 09:37:22 CET 2013


I'm trying to set up again collectd to handle more than one mysql instance per host.
The problem is, that there is no information on how to do this - anywhere...

When I start collectd, I get the warning:

The read function "mysql-mysql" is already registered. Check for duplicate "LoadPlugin" lines in your configuration!

However, the only place where I handle mysql is /etc/collectd.d/mysql.conf:

LoadPlugin mysql
<Plugin mysql>
	<Database "sqlone">
		User "backup"
		Password "xxxx"
		Host ""
		Database "mysql"
		#Socket "/var/lib/mysql/sc-sqlcrit/mysql.sock"
	<Database "sqltwo">
		User "backup2"
		Password "yyyy"
		Database "mysql"
		Host ""
		#Socket "/var/lib/mysql/sc-sqlmain/mysql.sock"

I tried many combinations: using "Host" in first database and "Socket" in second one, using
different users - nothing helped. Always only the first database is handled.

Am I doing something wrong, or is collectd simply unable to handle two (or more) mysql servers?

Jacek Osiecki
josiecki at silvercube.pl

Silvercube s.c.
ul. Makuszynskiego 4
31-752 Kraków
+48 (12) 684 21 00

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