[collectd] Assertion crash in collectd 5.2.1 / libgcrypt 1.5.2

teichm teichm at fs.tum.de
Mon Jun 17 15:54:50 CEST 2013


On our collectd 5.2.1 from the Debian Package 5.2.1-1 we encountered an 
assertion crash from libgcrypt11 1.5.2-1 that occurs aproximately once a 
day on random conditions.

I do not know, if collectd is using libgcrypt wrong or if it is a bug 
in libgcrypt.
It seems, ath_install was called with the first argument beeing NULL. 
At least i have no other explanation of why this codepath would be 

Since i am also working on my Bachelor's thesis at the moment in which 
I am developing Monkey, a new automated bug reporting system, i 
generated a report for your convenience:

If you are interested in the Debugging System, you can find more 
information on:

Also i have a survey (or rather ‘experiment’) running, in which you 
will get three different crash reports (stack trace, stack trace + *life 
gdb session* on a core dump and of course one generated from Monkey) and 
try to find the respective bug.
You can participate here:


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