[collectd] [PATCH 5/5] sigrok: Add documentation

Bert Vermeulen bert at biot.com
Mon Jul 22 18:21:21 CEST 2013

 src/collectd.conf.in  | 14 +++++++++++
 src/collectd.conf.pod | 66 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 80 insertions(+)

diff --git a/src/collectd.conf.in b/src/collectd.conf.in
index 80aba6a..542be67 100644
--- a/src/collectd.conf.in
+++ b/src/collectd.conf.in
@@ -154,6 +154,7 @@
 @LOAD_PLUGIN_RRDTOOL at LoadPlugin rrdtool
 #@BUILD_PLUGIN_SENSORS_TRUE at LoadPlugin sensors
 #@BUILD_PLUGIN_SERIAL_TRUE at LoadPlugin serial
+#@BUILD_PLUGIN_SIGROK_TRUE at LoadPlugin sigrok
 #@BUILD_PLUGIN_SNMP_TRUE at LoadPlugin snmp
 #@BUILD_PLUGIN_SWAP_TRUE at LoadPlugin swap
 #@BUILD_PLUGIN_TABLE_TRUE at LoadPlugin table
@@ -890,6 +891,19 @@
 #	IgnoreSelected false
+#<Plugin sigrok>
+#  LogLevel 3
+#  <Device "AC Voltage">
+#     Driver "fluke-dmm"
+#      Interval 10
+#      Conn "/dev/ttyUSB2"
+#  </Device>
+#  <Device "Sound Level">
+#     Driver "cem-dt-885x"
+#     Conn "/dev/ttyUSB1"
+#  </Device>
 #<Plugin snmp>
 #   <Data "powerplus_voltge_input">
 #       Type "voltage"
diff --git a/src/collectd.conf.pod b/src/collectd.conf.pod
index 11db1cc..fe92aac 100644
--- a/src/collectd.conf.pod
+++ b/src/collectd.conf.pod
@@ -5148,6 +5148,72 @@ and all other sensors are collected.
+=head2 Plugin "sigrok"
+The I<sigrok> plugin uses libsigrok to retrieve measurements from any device
+supported by the L<sigrok|http://sigrok.org/> project.
+ <Plugin sigrok>
+   LogLevel 3
+   <Device "AC Voltage">
+      Driver "fluke-dmm"
+	  Interval 10
+	  Conn "/dev/ttyUSB2"
+   </Device>
+   <Device "Sound Level">
+      Driver "cem-dt-885x"
+	  Conn "/dev/ttyUSB1"
+   </Device>
+ </Plugin>
+=over 4
+=item B<LogLevel> B<0-5>
+The sigrok logging level to pass on to the collectd log, as a number 0-5.
+These levels correspond to None, Errors, Warnings, Informational, Debug
+and Spew, respectively.  The default is 2 (Warnings). The sigrok log messages,
+regardless of their level, are always submitted to collectd at its INFO
+log level.
+=item E<lt>B<Device> I<name>E<gt>
+A sigrok-supported device, uniquely identified by this section's options. The
+I<name> is passed to collectd as the I<plugin instance>.
+=item B<Driver>
+The sigrok driver to use for this device.
+=item B<Conn>
+If the device cannot be auto-discovered, or more than one might be discovered
+by the driver, I<Conn> specifies the connection string to the device. It can
+be of the form of a serial port (I</dev/ttyUSB2>), or, in case of a non-serial
+USB-connected device, the USB VendorID/ProductID separated by a period
+(I<0403.6001>). A USB device can also be specified as bus.address
+=item B<SerialComm>
+For serial devices with non-standard port settings, this option can be used
+to specify them in the form I<9600/8n1>. This should not be necessary; drivers
+know how to communicate with devices they support.
+=item B<Interval>
+Specifies the minimum time between measurement dispatches to collectd, in
+seconds. Since some sigrok-supported devices can acquire measurements many
+times per second, it may be necessary to throttle these. For example, the
+RRD plugin cannot process writes more than once per second.
+The default (and minimum) interval is 1 second. Unused measurements are
 =head2 Plugin C<snmp>
 Since the configuration of the C<snmp plugin> is a little more complicated than

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