[collectd] Help setting up rrdcached

Yves Mettier ymettier at free.fr
Wed Jan 30 16:49:28 CET 2013


Here are some hints :
- with what user is running rrdcached ?

- does rrdcached user access to the rrd files ? (permission problem?)

- do the rrd files exist ? If not, you need to create them (with 
CreateFiles option of rrdcached plugin). If this is the solution of your 
problem, there are some solutions to improve performance more.

- are the rrdfiles created with the same parameters you are using in 
rrdcached configuration options ? There are some parameters that make 
rrd tools (rrdtool, rrdcached) unable to update a rrd file.

- check rrdcached to understand what status 107 is.

My 2 cents...

About the last question : rrdcached is very interesting when you want 
to stop collectd for any reason (update the conf, segfault...). If you 
are using rrdtool plugin and collectd stops, you loose your cache and 
data will not be updated. With rrdcached, you can stop&start collectd 
without loosing your cache.
For performance, I don't know (some say no, I think yes...)


Le 2013-01-30 15:14, Daniel. a écrit :
> I have a virtual machine with shares its virtual disk with another 
> VM,
> so I got a real slow virtual disk. I need to improve performance,
> I can't get rrdcached plugin working. I'm facing this error:
> rrdcached plugin: rrdc_stats_get failed with status 107.
> Also I see that rrdtool has almost same funcfunctionality in rrdtool
> plugin, so will rrdcached worth in this case?
> Cheers!

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