[collectd] backreferences in replace target

Kimo Rosenbaum kimor79 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 21 01:07:03 CET 2013


Is it possible to use backreferences in a replace target? ie:

<Target "replace">
  Host "foo-\(bar\).baz.com" "\1"

None of these seem to work, given a host of foo-bar.baz.com and I want bar.baz.com:

Host "^[a-z0-9-]+-([a-z0-9]+)" "\1" -> 1.baz.com

Host "^[a-z0-9-]+-([a-z0-9]+)" "\\1" -> \1.baz.com

Host "^[a-z0-9-]+-\([a-z0-9]+\)" "\1" -> 1.baz.com

Host "^[a-z0-9-]+-\\([a-z0-9]+\\)" "\1" -> foo-bar.baz.com

Host "^[a-z0-9-]+-\\([a-z0-9]+\\)" "\\1" -> foo-bar.baz.com

My end goal is to be able to have RRD files written out with the full hostname and data sent to write_http with just a portion of the hostname.


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