[collectd] filesystem performance tuning for SSD RAID-5

Jesse Reynolds jesse at bulletproof.net
Fri Feb 15 05:27:32 CET 2013


We're building a new collectd + RRD server on Ubuntu 12.04. I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on filesystem tuning (and filesystem format). We have created a ~1 TB RAID 5 volume over local SSD drives for the RRD filesystem. 

Is there a favoured filesystem? Currently it's ext4. Should we consider / benchmark anything else? 

Normally I think smaller block size is recommended for RRD file systems, but given we have pretty large RRD files (eg 30 MB - we keep a lot of high resolution metrics) - perhaps this isn't as important? 


mount options:
- noatime
- nodiratime
- discard
- anything else?

Does the libeatmydata LD_PRELOAD library help smooth out disk IO / increase effective throughput? 

Thanks for your thoughts!


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