[collectd] Require Help with Non Functional Threshold Config

Prakhar Gaur prakhar.gaur at minjar.com
Tue Aug 20 16:23:33 CEST 2013


On my Lenovo ThinkPad E430,
RAM : 6 GB
CPU: Intel Core i3-2328M CPU @ 2.20GHz
OS: "Ubuntu 13.04", x86_64
Kernel: 3.8.0-27-generic

I am trying to get the notifications to generate for four plugins.
Memory, Swap, CPU, Load

Two out four plugins viz., Memory and Load, notifications are not being
But notifications work for the other two, Swap and CPU.

The relevant section of collectd.conf
###Configuration for memory plugin, inside threshold configuration section
<Host "localhost">
 <Plugin "memory">
      <Type "memory">
#       FailureMax 4000000000
#       WarningMin 10
#       FailureMax 80
#       Percentage true
        Instance "cached"
        WarningMin 100
        Persist true
###Configuration for load plugin, inside threshold configuration section
   <Plugin "load">
    <Type "load">
        DataSource "shortterm"
        FailureMax 4
        WarningMax 1.5
        Hits 3
        Hysteresis 3
        Persist true

###Configuration for cpu plugin, THIS IS WORKING
<Type "cpu">
      Instance "idle"
##      Instance "steal"  #Is this possible, two instance in a single
plugin config section
      WarningMax 50
      FailureMax 90
Percentage true
      Persist true

###Plugin SWAP config, THIS IS WORKING
  <Plugin "swap">
        <Type "swap">
                     WarningMax 100
                    FailureMax 100000000
#               Percentage true
                Persist true

Is there something wrong with the configuration?

I had two more queries,
1) Is it possible to have multiple "Instance" key value pair in config of
plugin (Please see CPU config above, for an example)
What about "Datasource"?

2) The memory plugin config, the threshold value is interpreted as bytes?

Please find the relevant section of collectd.conf attached here with.

Prakhar Gaur
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