[collectd] Regarding time difference/delay in csv data in collectd server

Boopalan P K boopalan21 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 00:30:44 CEST 2013

Hi ,

I’m using collectd tool to retrieve the rrd data from collectd clients and
converting it into csv format in collectd server.

*Collectd server details :*

OS : CentOS 5

Collectd version   : collectd-4.10.9

Traffic flow : will be receiving 1 update for every 2 seconds from one/more
collectd clients. (Approximately 1000 packets per 2 seconds)

Conversion : The received rrd data will be converted into csv format in a
file using collectd tool in collectd server machine

Issue :

Here the issue is, Collectd server getting updates from collectd client for
every 2 seconds properly but the conversion from rrd data to csv is taking
some time delay.

For 1 hour 5 to 10 minutes time delay is seen and finally at the end of the
day more than 1 hour time difference is seen in 24 hours.

Queries :

1.       Please provide some solution to solve the above time difference

2.       Provide the collectd performance on rrd to csv.

3.       Is there any technics to fine tune on OS for better performance.

4.       Is there any limitation like this in collectd 4.x series.
Boopaaln PK
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