[collectd] Notifications not sent on value again in range

Vedran Bartonicek vbartoni at gmail.com
Wed Apr 24 11:25:29 CEST 2013

I am experiencing a problem with notifications. I hope someone could help
how to fix or at least debug.
As simple setup is run with collectd (5.2.1) client and server.
This works fine:
I shut down collect client to simulate node failure.
When a value is not received from a collectd client ->notification is
writen to my exec plugin on server.

This doensn't:
I restart collectd client, but no notification is written to the exec
plugin at server.

Colectd is built like:
./configure --prefix /opt/
--enable-rrdtool --enable-debug

Config for thresholds:
LoadPlugin threshold
<Plugin threshold>
<Plugin memory>
<Type memory>
Instance free
FailureMin 5000000
<Plugin disk>
Instance sda1
<Type disk_octets>
DataSource write
WarningMax 3000
<Plugin df>
<Type df_complex>
Instance free
WarningMin 1000000000
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