[collectd] [Bug Report] Two Ethstat Plugin Issues

Mark T. Voelker mvoelker at cisco.com
Fri Sep 21 16:01:39 CEST 2012


I've recently been working on deploying collectd 5.1.0 in a CentOS 6.2
environment and have run into some issues with the ethstat plugin.
There are two issues:

1.)  ethstat plugin crashes collectd-5.1.0

In a nutshell, collectd crashes with an invalid pointer exception when
the ethstat plugin is building a list of interfaces to monitor from it's
config file.  I've noted a possible fix as well.  Details here:


2.)  ethstat plugin in 5.1.0 segfaults when Map used without TypeInstance

Collectd segfaults when the ethstat configuration includes a "Map" line
with a Name and Type but not a TypeInstance.  The TypeInstance is
optional according to the collectd.conf manpage and should default to
the Name.  I don't have a suggested fix for this, but do have a
workaround (simply add a TypeInterface in the config).  More details here:


At Your Service,

Mark T. Voelker

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