[collectd] Patch to src/zfs_arc.c, relative to 5.10

Brandon Hume hume-ml+collectd at bofh.ca
Mon Sep 17 15:42:13 CEST 2012

  Just some very minor fixes... I can't see a reason why kstat_t *ksp 
was a global var, and threads were stomping on each other with respect 
to it (causing an assert later) so I made it local.

Also added some missing return values to za_read_gauge() and 
za_read_derive() which were causing build failures with -Werror.

I should have some fixes for utils_dns.c on Solaris soon, and I have 
most of the work done for adding processes.c support for Solaris using a 
mix of procfs and kstats.  Should I email those to someone specifically, 
or is posting them to the list fine?  They'll need some testing to make 
sure they don't mess up non-Solaris builds.
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