[collectd] Help for libvirt plugin

Massimo Canonico mex at di.unipmn.it
Wed Sep 5 18:05:46 CEST 2012

I'ld collect data related to Cpu load for a specific domain by using xen 
and collectd.

I've installed collectd, collectd-virt, and in /etc/collectd I have 
uncommented lines related to libvirt and csv plugins.

If I go to "/usr/var/lib/collectd/csv/<workspace_name>/libvirt/" I can 
see two files:

but, if I'm not wrong, none of these are what I need. I need to know the 
% cpu load of a specific domain. This data is what "xentop" proposes in 
second line, fourth column:

NAME  STATE   CPU(sec) CPU(%)     MEM(k) MEM(%)  MAXMEM(k) ...
  Domain-0 -----r       2651    1.1    3405720   81.2   no limit
  wrksp-48 --b---        436 *50.1*     262144    6.3 262144

This *50.1* is exactly what I need.

Is there a way to get it in a csv file?



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