[collectd] New aggregator plugin "basic_aggregator" (#136)

Brandon Hume hume-ml+collectd at bofh.ca
Fri Oct 19 19:26:15 CEST 2012

  On 10/13/12 04:27 AM, Sebastian Harl wrote:
> Ack. I'm not sure, though, if it's a good idea to implement that before
> most/many/all parts of collectd actually support "reconfigure" as people
> might expect too much from SIGHUP else

Just to toss this out there... as I mentioned on a different thread, 
collectd is already (and frequently) calling each plugin's init() 
function.  It does this every time update_kstat() is called.

In fact, I think I've just run into another crash in cpu.c where numcpu 
is being messed about with inside init() while cpu_read() is using it 
for a calculation.

So if it influences the debate any, it might be good to push the 
reconfigure notion, even if some plugins get left behind... because to a 
certain extent, it's happening already and some of the plugins don't 
deal well with it at all.  Might as well get the benefit along with the 

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