[collectd] Unable to SNMP collect two-dimensional(?) table

Stian Øvrevåge sovrevage at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 11:32:25 CEST 2012

Hi list,

Trying to collect thresholds for a switch's SFP sensors.

The data is stored in 4 OID's, low and high minor and major values
with indexes 1 through 4 for each sensor.

CISCO-ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB::entSensorThresholdValue.1067.1 = INTEGER: 900
CISCO-ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB::entSensorThresholdValue.1067.2 = INTEGER: 800
CISCO-ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB::entSensorThresholdValue.1067.3 = INTEGER: 40
CISCO-ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB::entSensorThresholdValue.1067.4 = INTEGER: 20
CISCO-ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB::entSensorThresholdValue.1068.1 = INTEGER: -60
CISCO-ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB::entSensorThresholdValue.1068.2 = INTEGER: -70
CISCO-ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB::entSensorThresholdValue.1068.3 = INTEGER: -150
CISCO-ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB::entSensorThresholdValue.1068.4 = INTEGER: -160

The references are to the port and sensor name.

ENTITY-MIB::entPhysicalDescr.1067 = STRING: FastEthernet0/5 Bias Current Sensor
ENTITY-MIB::entPhysicalDescr.1068 = STRING: FastEthernet0/5 Transmit
Power Sensor

I have tried different things config-wise but it seems collectd isn't
proceeding to the next OID correctly after a snmp getnext. And just
loops over the same value infinitely:

 22.985041  collectd -> switch SNMP get-next-request
 22.987180 switch -> collectd  SNMP get-response
 22.987234  collectd -> switch SNMP get-next-request
 22.989948 switch -> collectd  SNMP get-response
 22.990028  collectd -> switch SNMP get-next-request
 22.992522 switch -> collectd  SNMP get-response

Not sure either if collectd would store the results in any meaningful way.

Is it possible to solve this?

(Using collectd 5.0.3 currently)

Best regads,
Stian Øvrevåge

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