[collectd] RFC: implementing reload/reconfigure (was: New aggregator plugin "basic_aggregator" (#136))

Kimo Rosenbaum kimor79 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 14 06:29:13 CEST 2012

> When thinking about the detailed side-effects, I came across the

> following: currently, collectd allows to specify multiple <Plugin>
> blocks for a single plugin. This is not documented anywhere and should
> not be considered to be officially supported. The current behavior
> greatly depends on the plugin. However, quite a few plugins probably
> handle this situation sanely and, thus, this might be used in a couple
> of reasonable use-cases.

I thought I read somewhere that was officially supported but the only thing I
could find was "The complex configuration callbacks are called once for each
<Plugin /> block parsed for that plugin":

Multiple <Plugin> blocks are really handy with a configuration management
system. For example, with the tcpconns plugin I have a set of local and remote
ports to capture in the main conf on every host and then for each app/role I
may add more ports. E.g., a MySQL server will have another block to capture

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