[collectd] New aggregator plugin "basic_aggregator" (#136)

Yves Mettier ymettier at free.fr
Fri Oct 12 14:46:00 CEST 2012


I also think this is a great idea.
And basic_aggregator is probably a good candidate to experiment this 
new feature because there should be not so many changes to do (mainly 
replace the stat(filename) with... nothing)

Now, here is the need :
1/ I update the configuration file
2/ ???
3/ basic_aggregator (or any plugin that support reconfiguration) 
reconfigures itself thanks to the callback.

For the step 2/ I suggest a new command of collectdctl. That command 
would allow to specify the plugin to reconfigure, or something like 
"all" to reconfigure all the plugins. Does that sound correct ?

About restarting the thread, yes, but who free the memory the plugin 
allocated ? I'm not sure this is a so good idea.

Back to basic_aggregator : I think I will adapt the plugin to have a 
function that can become the reconfigure callback. Before collectd 
implements a reconfigure callback mechanism, it will be called inside 
the plugin if stat(filename) means there is a newer file.


Le 12.10.2012 14:08, Fabien Wernli a écrit :
> Hi,
> Adding a configuration reload is an excellent idea, and is one of the 
> big
> missing features of collectd IMHO. I quite agree with Lindsay's 
> remarks:
> there should simply be a warning for the plugins that don't support
> reconfiguration. On the other hand, maybe there should be the option 
> to
> restart the thread, if it doesn't register the cb.
> just my 2 euros
> Cheers
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