[collectd] random crashes with libgcrypt

James김민석 james.kim at nexr.com
Mon May 14 06:54:39 CEST 2012


I'm using collectd 5.0 and it crashes randomly after 2~5days running,
i've set collectd.conf to encrypt packets by network plugin.( as attached)
It works for several days but it crashes with core dump.(attached)
And core dump of collectd process says that there are some __assert_fail
() problems in "_gcry_ath_mutex_lock " libgcrypt library assertion.

I've searched related articles on internet, but couldn't find any problems
in source code.

any help would be appreciated.
thank you.

# environment. ==============================================
OS: CentOS release 5.8, 2.6.18-308.el5xen
collectd: 5.0 from git.
libgrypt: 1.4.4

# collectd.conf  ==============================================

<Plugin network>

        <Server  "$collectd_server_ip" "25826">

            SecurityLevel "sign"

            Username "user"

            Password "pass"



# reproducing collectd core dump by gdb

Reading symbols from /lib64/libnss_files.so.2...(no debugging symbols

Loaded symbols for /lib64/libnss_files.so.2

warning: no loadable sections found in added symbol-file system-supplied
DSO at 0x7fffce5da000

Core was generated by
-C /'.

Program terminated with signal 6, Aborted.

#0  0x00000039a7a30285 in raise () from /lib64/libc.so.6

(gdb) bt

#0  0x00000039a7a30285 in raise () from /lib64/libc.so.6

#1  0x00000039a7a31d30 in abort () from /lib64/libc.so.6

#2  0x00000039a7a29706 in __assert_fail () from /lib64/libc.so.6

#3  0x00002b0012335edb in _gcry_ath_mutex_lock (lock=0x2b001259b670) at

#4  0x00002b0012340e80 in md_close (a=0x2aaaac00c290) at md.c:758

#5  0x00002b00123411a1 in md_final (a=0x2aaaac00ad20) at md.c:844

#6  0x00002b0012341635 in _gcry_md_ctl (hd=0x4d00, cmd=19715, buffer=0x0,
buflen=18446744073709551615) at md.c:893

#7  0x00002b0012341692 in _gcry_md_read (hd=0x4d00, algo=8) at md.c:976

#8  0x00002b001211ddcc in networt_send_buffer_signed (se=0x54570e0,
in_buffer=0x546d4b0 "", in_buffer_size=1334) at network.c:2478

#9  0x00002b001211df32 in network_send_buffer (buffer=0x546d4b0 "",
buffer_len=1334) at network.c:2597

#10 0x00002b001211df90 in flush_buffer () at network.c:2679

#11 0x00002b0012120868 in network_write (ds=0x54657f0, vl=0x42e54500,
user_data=<value optimized out>) at network.c:2728

#12 0x000000000040cec7 in plugin_write (plugin=0x1 <Address 0x1 out of
bounds>, ds=0x54657f0, vl=0x42e54500) at plugin.c:1248

#13 0x000000000040a1c4 in fc_bit_write_invoke (ds=0x54657f0, vl=0x42e54500,
meta=<value optimized out>, user_data=0xffffffffffffffff)

    at filter_chain.c:698

#14 0x000000000040c880 in plugin_dispatch_values (vl=0x42e54500) at

#15 0x00002b00133acf84 in submit_consolidated (protocol_name=0x2b00133ada40
"vmpage_action", type_instance=0x2b00133adab7 "scan_direct",

    values=0x42e54fc0, values_len=4) at vmem_consolidated.c:137

#16 0x00002b00133ad2ac in vmem_read () at vmem_consolidated.c:429

#17 0x000000000040d26b in plugin_read_thread (args=<value optimized out>)
at plugin.c:431

#18 0x00000039a820677d in start_thread () from /lib64/libpthread.so.0

#19 0x00000039a7ad325d in clone () from /lib64/libc.so.6

010 3266 8040
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