[collectd] colletd dns plugin question

Süttő Dániel sutto.daniel at itk.ppke.hu
Mon Mar 19 10:22:36 CET 2012


I'm using collectd mostly for its DNS plugin. But there is
something I really don't understand. When I collect data on
my home PC, there are no responses at all. There are no rrd
files for rcodes, and all values are zero in dns_octets.rrd
at the responses filed.

When I collect data on a high traffic DNS server, some
positive values appear, but they are much less then values
I've calculated by wireshark.

I tried to analyze the source code of the plugin, but I
couldn't find anything that would account for this behavior.

Do you have any ideas?

I've uploaded some data (config file, captures, results, and
a more detailed exposition) that can be useful for you.
Please visit: http://sutda.itk.ppke.hu/~sutda/collectd_problem

Thanks a lot!

Dániel Süttő
sutto.daniel at itk.ppke.hu

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