[collectd] Struggling with perfwatcher

Brandon Hume hume-ml+collectd at bofh.ca
Mon Jul 23 17:40:30 CEST 2012

  I apologize if I'm posting to the wrong list... perfwatcher doesn't 
seem to have a forum of its own and I've seen other perfwatcher posts 
come by on this list.  (I'd greatly appeciate pointers to the right 
place if I'm way off!)

I'm looking for help setting up perfwatcher on a Solaris box (so, yes, 
I'm starting with an uphill struggle right off the bat... :) )  I have 
collectd running with write_mysql, and it seems to be storing data into 
the mysql database and the rrds locally very well so far.  It's an 
extremely simple setup, just the one server, which will eventually 
become the collector for a number of other hosts transmitting stats via 
the network plugin.

I've gotten perfwatcher set up in my Apache docroot, and setup.php is 
generally happy, although my PHP is only 5.2.17, and so there's no PHP 
RRD module. I'm using /usr/bin/rrdtool (1.4.3) alone.  I also have the 
cron jobs hooked up.

Accessing the website produces a blank screen, however.  As near as I 
can tell, this is because the "jsTree" database is empty... no tables or 
anything.  However there's nothing in the meager docs telling me how to 
populate that database.  Does it auto-populate?  Including the tables?

A seearch through the source code doesn't seem to produce anything about 
that database and any of the tables, although I do see the peuplator and 
aggregate scripts supposedly adding nodes... however they don't seem to 
be doing so.

Also, these two scripts seem to be asking collectd to 'putval' in 
/var/lib/collectd/rrd/$HOST/collectd (where $HOST is my server) 
"gauge-aggregator.rrd" and "gauge-db_copy_aggregator.rrd".  However, 
neither one of these files exists, and collectd isn't creating them.  
Should I be creating them by hand?

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