[collectd] modbus and write_redis how to contribue

Benninger Frédéric frederic.benninger at lausanne.ch
Thu Jul 5 20:13:33 CEST 2012


I'm new to the mailing list, I join the project collectd to achieve a small scada system. Mainly based on plug-ins "modbus" and "write_redis" version 5.1.0 .

I use an ordered list to store the measurements of my sensors. For rendering I used webdis (JSON REST architecture) and html5 highchart.

I am currently adapting the module "write_redis" for;
Archived in the database only when these measures vary.
It changes the character \ par: in the name of the keys (as / is hardly compatible with a REST architecture)

Side "modbus" I think I still have problems with modbus DINT, ie Int32 and Uint32

Has anyone ever looked at the following problem, which would require a substantive change in both the plugin in the XML configuration file.
My problem is to allow playback of multiple contiguous registers into a single frame. For example eight 16-bit registers from the starting address to read at once the values ​​of my A/D converters

In the same logic, it would also be interesting to add the STRING data type in order to read messages from the PLC.

How to collaborate? on the wiki or ML?

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