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Phil White manx.biz at googlemail.com
Fri Jan 13 14:55:41 CET 2012

Hello all,

Long ago, I looked at collectd and 1-wire monitoring, and never progressed
because I had problems with owfs, and because of the plugin's
'experimental' status (though I do use collectd for other monitoring).

I revisited the issue the other day, and still can't get things to work
(though for different reasons).

I have DS18B20 as my temperature sensors, rather than the DS18S20 that the
plugin appears to recognise. These report themselves as a device with the
prefix '28', rather than 10 - therefore collectd does not record data from
these sensors.

Now, I'd rather like to have a play with the plugin, and attempt to get
this working. Rather than just submit a request, I'd rather like to get my
hands dirty, and fix it myself. Just because I have never done any coding
in C really shouldn't stop me, should it?! Another reason being that I also
have a device prefix '7E', which is somewhat different, and I'd also like
to see this one recognised.

Therefore, can someone offer some 'beginners tips' as to how I'm going to
start on the '28' issue - advice & info? Which files, and what I need to do
in order not to break anything?

Many thanks,

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