[collectd] collectd-5.0.1-mine.patch some processes.c fixes for FreeBSD

Phil Kulin schors at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 17:50:27 CET 2012

I welcome from rainy Ingermanland!

Our thoughts are now occupied by Putin and vodka, however...

I have paid attention to a little incorrect data which is given out by
a processes plugin on my beautifull FreeBSD system.
I have corrected them and in process have made absolutely slightly
have improved accuracy and productivity of a processes plugin for
FreeBSD systems.

- Fix strange plural call of getpagesize(). Has entered a global
variable and initialization procedure for FreeBSD
- Data was summarized on all processes including threads. It led to
absolutely uncertain result. Fix based on codebase of FreeBSD top
programm. KERN_PROC_ALL attribute keep for future purposes.
- Gets command argument failed for some processes as system and some
other. It led to error messages to console. Fix based on codebase of
FreeBSD top programm.
- System and user CPU times turned out from the sum of miliseconds
and... Oh! microseconds in one glass with overflow possibility. Fixed.

My girlfriend has left me for such Christmas vacation, but I am
assured that have made good business.

Patch in mail attachment.

Non nobis Domine non nobis sed Nomini Tuo da gloriam
Phil Kulin
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