[collectd] Possible stability fixes for rrdcached plugin

Toni Ylenius toniylenius at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 13:06:52 CET 2012

Sebastian Harl and Florian Forster,

I had stability problems with 5.0.0. I use rrdcached to store the values. When 
I added or removed new hosts or values collectd crached randomly. 

I merged all changes from collectd-5.0 branch and following sequential 
Sebastian's changes which I thought were important [1]


and one earlier Florian's change so that previous changes applied


As a result I got stable system. Thus I ask If you could merge the changes 
to 5.0 if you also believe that they fixed the stability problem.

I will report if I encounter any stability problems in the long run.

Toni Ylenius

[1] A core dump had threshold related backtrace and so I searched threshold 
and rrchached related fixes from the master branch.
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