[collectd] Sending collectd data over network

keeeee quah qkeeshen1 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 21:52:21 CET 2012


I have a cluster of compute nodes and a monitoring server, all with
collectd running. On the compute nodes there's a few plugins that are
loaded, but I only want to collect libvirt data and ship it to the server.
With the network plugin, it seems to ship all of the loaded plugins' data
on the compute nodes. How can I selectively send libvirt data and not data
from other plugins ?

Also is there a way for me to specify the interval the data is sent? Does
it support batching of data? How will collectd respond in the likelihood of
a temporary network failure; would the data be lost or batched and resent ?

Many, many thanks in advance :-)
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