[collectd] On submitting patches and bugs

Johan Bergström bugs at bergstroem.nu
Wed Feb 1 23:29:14 CET 2012

First of all, I'm not talking for any group of people here – it's my opinion on being part of the mailing list and using the other tools to interact with collectd development.

I'm feeling a bit split up about using gerrit, the mailing list, mantis and irc. I think the mailing list is a good way of getting a discussion going, but would prefer using something "closer" to git for ease of use. Gerrit is one way – but another way would be using github for this.

For the record; I'm not out to open a discussion about what site/software is superior, its only my opinion.

It seems like the github mirror of the official repo – https://github.com/octo/collectd – is accepting pull requests. I very much enjoy using this particular functionality. Should issues end up there as well, it would be even better. I understand the downsides of putting these things onto a commercial site, but think its a fair tradeoff (should you mirror the git repo locally) for ease of use and public visibility.

This isn't my choice by far. I just hope that my opinion (and perhaps some others on this ML) turns into something that makes collaborating with collectd even easier.


Johan Bergström

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