[collectd] dbi plugin with SQLServer

Daniel. danielhilst at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 17:29:55 CET 2012

Is there anyone using collectd to monitor SQLServer??

I've compiled it with libdbi and freetds, everything is ok, but I can't connect

Here is my block
<Plugin dbi>
        <Query "dummy">
                Statement "use teste_db; select id from amado_tb"
                        Type "gauge"
                        InstancePrefix "dummy_select"
                        ValuesFrom "id"

        <Database "Teste">
                Driver  "freetds"
        	DriverOption "servername" "teste_db"

I've tried DriverOption "host" "" DriverOption "port"
"1433" but got it won't connect top..
Here is the error: dbi plugin: cdbi_connect_database (Teste):
dbi_conn_connect failed: dbi_conn_error failed with status -3
Here is my freetds.conf: http://sprunge.us/Kcgg

Connect with `tsql -S teste_db -U username -P password' just works

Best regards

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