[collectd] new datasources stats not accepted (?)

Fahd Sultan mail at grungelabs.com
Mon Dec 17 19:18:13 CET 2012

I'm a bit confused about what exactly the issue hence the subject ...

I have collectd 5.1.0-3 on both clients and server.  The server writes 
to carbon-cache/graphite.
I have 12 servers sending data in to collectd and it is getting stored 
in whisper files via carbon.

I started up 15 servers and these new ones aren't showing up in carbon 
(no whisper files get created)
To remove non collectd parts from the problem I turned on rrd.  rrd 
files are created for the 12 old servers but not the 15 new ones.

Since I use puppet to deploy the servers I'm pretty confident than the 
configs are the same. I've manually confirmed that the collectd version, 
kernel etc are the same.

I know the data makes it to the collectd server - `tcpdump -i eth1 -p -n 
-s 1500 udp port 25826`  shows packets from _all_ the servers.

However when I did an strace:
`strace -f -p 26470 2>&1| grep recvfrom`

I see the hostnames of all the good sources go by, but not the bad 
ones.  I have syslog logging enabled but I don't see any errors there.

any suggestions?



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