[collectd] rrdcached connecting to an IP instead of unix socket

Wright, Stephen swright at comscore.com
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I'm using a virtual IP for the rrdcache daemon.  The virtual ip floats between my two collectd hosts.  I'm trying to get this to work without the unix sock because I want the data to be sent only to the virtual IP which will shift between the servers.  The virtual ip will shift between the two servers as will the mount point that the data is written to.  My rrdcached config looks like this.

OPTIONS="-P FLUSH,FLUSHALL,PENDING,FORGET,QUEUE,HELP,STATS,UPDATE,WROTE,BATCH,QUIT -l virtualip:42217 -F -s root -m 664 -b /data/collectd/rrd -j /tmp/  -w 300 -z 90 -t 20

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I'm not a work but I think i'm using this configuration for rrdcached daemon

rrdcached -f 7200 -w 3600 -z 900 -b /opt/collectd/var/lib/collectd/rrd/ -P FLUSH,BATCH,UPDATE,STATS -l -l unix:/tmp/rrdcached.sock

Why don't you use a virtual IP on top of your "drbd servers" IPs?

There was a small bug on rrdcached collectd plugin, umask wasn't correct, search for " [collectd] rrdc_update failed with status -1" in this mailing list

Best regards

Le 24/08/2012 20:11, Wright, Stephen a écrit :
Hey quick question is it possible for rrdcached to connect to an IP address instead of a unix socket with the rrdcached plugin.

The following is my rrdcached config and collectd config working with the unix socket
OPTIONS="-l unix:/var/rrdtool/rrdcached/rrdcached.sock -F -s root -m 664 -b /data/collectd/rrd -j /tmp/ -P FLUSH,PENDING -w 300 -z 90 -t 20"

LoadPlugin rrdcached
<Plugin "rrdcached">
  DaemonAddress "unix:/var/rrdtool/rrdcached/rrdcached.sock"
  DataDir "/data/collectd/rrd"
  CreateFiles true

The following is not working if I'm running rrdcached bound to an IP instead of a unix socket.
OPTIONS="-P FLUSH,FLUSHALL,PENDING,FORGET,QUEUE,HELP,STATS,UPDATE,WROTE,BATCH,QUIT -l hostname:42217 -F -s root -m 664 -b /data/collectd/rrd -j /tmp/  -w 300 -z 90 -t 20

LoadPlugin rrdcached
<Plugin "rrdcached">
  DaemonAddress "hostname:42217"
  DataDir "/data/collectd/rrd"
  CreateFiles true

Changing any of the -P options dosen't seem to help.

I know the recommend method is to use the unix socket, however I'm going to be running this in drbd setup so basically the directory where the files and daemon are running on can change.  I have a floating IP that will move between the collection servers.  That's why I need to be able to set the DamonAddress to an IP.  The IP for the Daemon Address will be able to write to the directory correctly.

Any help would be appreciated.

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