[collectd] collectd+rrdcached

Jeremy MAURO jmauro at antidot.net
Mon Aug 13 12:34:56 CEST 2012

Hi everyone,

I have a quick question for everybody, does anyone use colletcd+rrdcached?

Because I tried to setup the rrdcached pluding to stop using rrdtools 
plugin but when I do so the server is just under heavy IO load. Normally 
with rrdtool plugin the load is about 2-3 (See the attachment).

But when I try to activate the rrdcached the server is just unusable, 
the load is about 25 (for a 16 CPUs) but I have something like 30% of IO 

Everything is on debian squeeze: 

Any idea why something that is supposed to reduce load is dramatically 
increasing it?

Jeremy MAURO

Jeremy MAURO (jmauro at antidot.net) - Ingénieur Systémes et Réseaux
Antidot - Solutions de recherche d'information
29 avenue Jean Monnet, 13410 LAMBESC (FRANCE)
Tel: (+33) 4 42 63 67 90 / Fax: (+33) 4 42 28 61 03

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