[collectd] [PATCH] Added support for interval/database on oracle plugin

Daniel Hilst danielhilst at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 17:41:59 CEST 2012

I implemented support for Interval per Database entry on oracle plugin

Example of config:
<Plugin oracle>
  <Query "query01">
    Statement "select sys_context('userenv','db_name') as sid ,count(1) 
as count from dual"
      Type "gauge"
      InstancesFrom "sid"
      ValuesFrom "count"
  <Database "database.example.com">
    ConnectID "orcl"
    Username "system"
    Password "secret"
    Query "query01"
    Interval 6
  <Database "monitor.example.com">
    ConnectID "monitor"
    Username "system"
    Password "secret"
    Query "query01"

if no Interval is passed default Interval is used.

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