[collectd] OKAY-notification doesn't contain the correct datasource name

Meier, Thomas thomas.meier at united-security-providers.ch
Tue Apr 10 16:39:50 CEST 2012

Hello everybody

an OKAY-notification of a plugin, whose type has multiple datasources, seems to
always contain the datasource name which is configured at the first place in
types.db.  I'm running collectd version 5.1.0.


Following threshold is configured in collectd.conf:
LoadPlugin threshold
<Plugin threshold>
   <Type "load">
      DataSource "midterm"
      FailureMax 4.0
      Persist true

types.db is unaltered and contains the predefined "load" type having multiple
load                    shortterm:GAUGE:0:100, midterm:GAUGE:0:100, longterm:GAUGE:0:100

If the "midterm" system load exceeds the value of the threshold's
FailureMax-value, a FAILURE-notification correctly containing the "midterm"
DataSource name is generated:
Severity: FAILURE
Time: 1334062483.266
Host: testhost
Plugin: load
Type: load
DataSource: midterm

Now, if the "midterm" system load decreases to a value below FailureMax, an
OKAY-notification containing the wrong DataSource name "shortterm" is
Severity: OKAY
Host: testhost
Plugin: load
Type: load
DataSource: shortterm
CurrentValue: 1.200000e-01

Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

Best regards,
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