[collectd] Using Collectd 5.1 and Collectd 4.10

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Hum, I think server can be in v5.x and clients in v4.x but you can't have a server in v4 and clients in v5

Le 09/04/2012 21:05, Crowder, Travis a écrit :
I have a collection server running collectd 4.10.3 from EPEL and a client running version 5.1.0 from source.

After I notice no stats are collected, I start up collectd 5.1.0 with the syslog plugin enabled and I get the following message in the log (on the agent), but nothing further and no stats collected on the server.

collectd[7508]: Initialization complete, entering read-loop.

Any advice on how to troubleshoot this further would be great.


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Thank you.

Updating the collection server to 5.1 resolved the issue and all of the 4.x boxes still report correctly.

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