[collectd] Status of ZeroMQ plugin

Paul Colomiets paul at colomiets.name
Sat Sep 17 20:45:10 CEST 2011


(it seems that mailing list was unavailable few days, sorry if this
email is duplicated)

What's the status of zeromq plugin? In the roadmap there is mention
that branch should be merged with ff/netlib, which seems to be done 10
month ago, and there are few recent commits. What next? Any help

We are going to rely on both zeromq and collectd for next few
projects. And using pub/sub for statistics is much easier than unix
sockets in zeromq-based applications.

By the way. In manual there is following:

> =item B<Endpoint> I<endpoint>
> Specifies an ZeroMQ endpoint. For I<Publish> and I<Pull> sockets this value is
> passed to the C<zmq_bind> function, for I<Subscribe> and I<Push> sockets it is
> passed to the C<zmq_connect> function.

It's not well designed from the zeromq point of view. With zeromq you can
configure either bind or connect on both publish and subscribe side. So you
can setup a central server bound to specific port. With all others connecting
to it. And you can setup each monitored node to bound publisher at
specific port. With central server connecting to each node it wants to
get statistics from.

I'm pretty sure it should be fixed to separate directives like EndpointBind,
EndpointConnect (or may be better names).


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