[collectd] latests commit, build error

Francois-Xavier Bourlet francois-xavier.bourlet at dotcloud.com
Tue May 3 07:04:06 CEST 2011


At the time I am checking, the latests commit
(99364c70a7039ed496dbe429fb86ee41e464fc76) remove something that the
execution of ./build.sh file try to access:
configure.in:4868: required file `src/owniptc/Makefile.in' not found

Its easy to never see this error when you are updating from the same
build since the src/owniptc directory is part of the .gitignore file.
But trying on a fresh build do not work with the error mentioned

I dont really have time to investigate further right now, so I let you
now about this error.

François-Xavier Bourlet

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