[collectd] madwifi plugin

anton post at der-anton.de
Mon Mar 28 00:52:26 CEST 2011

Hello list, 

im new to collectd and really happy with its abilities.
My setup works fine, exept the madwifi plugin.

Its running on OpenWRT - Backfire(10.03) kernel
The madwifi driver (works fine,  but the madwifi-plugin does not deliver any data to the server.

In the Logfile if found the following:

madwifi plugin: Sending IO-control SIOCG80211STATS to device wifi0 failed with status -1.
madwifi plugin: Sending IO-control IEEE80211_IOCTL_STA_INFO to device wifi0 failed with status -1.

Could that be the reason?

Thanx in Advance

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