[collectd] Collection3 - Arbitary End time and TimeZone

McCoy, Neil Neil.McCoy at hitwise.com
Tue Mar 22 01:43:12 CET 2011

Ok last one I promise.

To allow us to hone in on an event a bit quicker we added a text box to
allow entry of an end time.  This "time" is a string acceptable to the
RRDs's graphing function.

For example if you wanted to get a graph from two days ago you could
enter a value of "-2days".

In addition to this we have situations where we want the graph's
horizontal time axis to be representative of another timezone.  I'm sure
the way this was achieve could be done better.  The value in the text
box set's the $ENV{TZ} before graphing.  For us in Melbourne - Australia
we use "UTC-10" for local time.

Neil McCoy

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