[collectd] Collection3 - Cache of files object

McCoy, Neil Neil.McCoy at hitwise.com
Tue Mar 22 01:22:24 CET 2011

We found the performance and resource usage of Collection3 didn't work
well with lots of RRD's.

To overcome this we introduced a method of caching so the RRD tree
didn't need to be scanned repeatedly.  We used "Storable" for this.

This patch requires a ./var directory, writable by the user the Perl cgi
runs as (eg www-data).

A "Rescan Cache" button is added to the selection area to be used when
ever a new RRD file is added to the tree.  In our environment this only
happens when we add a new host, which for us is manageable.

In addition to the "Rescan Cache" button this patch also adds a "Reset"
button, which simply is a way of bringing you back to start page and not
related to the cache.

Hope others may find this useful.

Neil McCoy

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