[collectd] NetApp plugin giving NANs

Mark Syms mark at marksyms.me.uk
Thu Mar 17 21:03:26 CET 2011

Message: 4 Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 19:18:12 +0100 From: Sven Trenkel 
<collectd at semidefinite.de> Subject: Re: [collectd] NetApp plugin giving 

>  what interval did you configure for the NetApp plugin? There used to be
>  a bug that caused this kind of behavior if the global interval was
>  different from the interval used by the netapp plugin. If this error
>  condition fits your setup, you might want to update to version 4.10.2.
>  After this you have to delete all empty rrd files of the netapp plugin,
>  as they have been created with with the wrong interval setting.

Thanks Sven, I'll give that a try tomorrow, I should be able to build an updated version easily enough, might even manage to get a package for it.


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