[collectd] Aggregate host's data

Kimo Rosenbaum kimor79 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 1 19:09:04 CET 2011

This can be done in the presentation layer instead of the collection layer.

Shameless plug:

I'm working on a frontend for my current employer which allows for arbitrary 
dynamic aggregate graphing:



>From: Cyril Feraudet <collectd at feraudet.com>
>To: collectd at verplant.org
>Sent: Tue, March 1, 2011 6:25:18 AM
>Subject: [collectd] Aggregate host's data
>Hi all,
>I've more than 2500 computing hosts grouped by grid of 100 to 1500 hosts.
>I need to have some aggregated view like load average, total load, total power 
>comsumpsion, etc ...
>I was thinking about to create virtual host by getting data through 
>collectd-unixsock (with LISTVAL/GETVAL) then putting aggregated data through 
>collectd-unixsock (with PUTVAL).
>Have someone already do that like this or anything other method ?
>Thank's in advance for you help.

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