[collectd] collection4 FastCGI vs. HTTP [was: collection4 nitpicking]

Trent W. Buck twb-mailman-collectd at cyber.com.au
Wed Jun 22 09:57:31 CEST 2011

Sebastian Harl wrote:
> Sounds interesting … libevent should have a "good enough" userbase
> to provide decent stability ;-)

PS: I remembered urxvt used it, but I couldn't see a dependency on
libevent in Debian.  So I asked, and apparently the urxvt guy makes a
"better" drop-in replacement (libev).

> It should be fairly easy to implement the FastCGI / standalone app
> supports side-by-side.

You are thinking a bunch of #ifdef's and an compile-time option
between the two?  Or make it a runtime choice?

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